Apex Custom Designs

Welcome to the Apex Custom Designs information page. We are a premier provider of custom decorated textiles. Our goal is to always deliver products and services that meet our customer's needs and is a great value. We want you, our valued customer, to be happy. Here is a SHORT list of our services.



Clothing Decorations

We can decorate shirts, coats, hats, and pants with heat press designs, embroidery, applique, applistitch, and rhinestones.  We have hundreds of designs available for you to choose from, or if you need a custom solution, we have an art department that can help you come up with your perfect design.



Direct-to-garmet printing

Brother's GT-3 series printer allows us to print ANYTHING you want on textiles. We can take any photo or image and transfer it directly onto your garment.  Family get-togethers can now include a special shirt that lets everyone wear their family pride!  Sporting and academic teams can customize their look to a unique style that is all their own.  Contact us today to get started on your design.  No minimum required.

Let us print your favorite photo or image design directly onto your shirt.  The new Brother line is a great way to transfer your ideas directly onto the garments.  Images must be high-resolution (at least 300 dpi) to get a clear, crisp look, but most cameras today can provide this level of detail.  If you can envision it, we can put it on your garment for you.  Call TODAY for details.




We have the ability to embroider just about any garment, shirt, coat, hat, backpack, sports bag and many other items.  Use your own logo or artwork, or we have hundreds of stock designs to choose from.  Contact us for details.

Embroidery Machine

Multi-color designs are no problem - we have the ability to give you just what you need.  Whether you are looking for a specific design, mascot, or logo, we can get you going in a hurry.  Our equipment can quickly decorate your items with high-quality designs.   And, if you need names, numbers or text added to your item, we have hundreds of fonts and styles to choose from.



Applique and Applistitch

Take advantage of this method that enriches your style.  We can help you come up with a truly unique design that will really get you noticed.  Lots of material types, colors, and textures to choose from, so get your ideas together and let us help you become outstanding in your field!

Let us add a bright new look  when you support your favorite team or group.  Applique and Applistitch provide a great way to change that dull, run-of-the-mill design to one that is sure to grab everyone's attention.  Lots of selections to choose from, so change your look from drab to dynamic.

Bulldogs using applistitch



Screen Printing

We offer a complete line of screen printing services. 

We have a high-capacity screen printing capability.  Contact us for a consultation about your artwork, and lets get started creating your products. 


Heat Press Designs

Find your design!  This link will open a page with a nearly unlimited number of heat press designs to choose from.  Browse through them and make note of the item numbers.  Then go to our products page and find the textile you need.  We will bring those items together into the perfect solution for you.  You can call us to place your order, or use the contact us page to let us know which items you want.